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Olwell Flutes


Since 1975, Olwell flutes have been carefully made one at a time using precision hand tools and old-school craftsmanship. Today, Patrick and Aaron Olwell continue to research and refine designs that have earned them accolades from flute players such as Matt Molloy, Seamus Egan, Brian Finnegan, and June McCormack. Based on 19th-century French and English flutes, our design is a conical-bore, simple system wooden flute similar to the flutes played in orchestras before the modern Boehm-style flute became the norm, and still common in Irish traditional music today. This blog is a place for us to wax poetic about our favorite flutes, make information available in hopes that it will be useful to flute players and enthusiasts, and get nerdy about flute history. We hope you enjoy...

Meet the Makers

Patrick Olwell

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Aaron Olwell

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